Accelerators and Custom Proxy

It is recommended to add Accelerator accounts to boost your automation without any pauses for high scraping activity for automation.

Please log in to a new account to use that as an accelerator for your primary account. All the accounts logged inside Botrush must have a Phone Number & Email linked to it.

There is more safety information in the first tab of the Reactions Pro section.

You can add an additional proxy alongside the one we provided or the one you linked while logged into your account. These proxies will be used for like/follow/unfollow/comment/DM requests. It is not necessary but you can add it as like/follow/unfollow/comment/DM needs a higher proxy trust score.

Proxy type: 4G/5G/LTE Mobile Proxy, Rotates at least once every 3-5 minutes

  • Proxy should match the following pattern: http://ip:port OR http://username:password@ip:port

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