Username & Full Name Blacklist and Language Filtration

This automation will use targets you set in the same Reactions Pro.

In this FAQ, you will learn how to set filters for automation of Reactions Pro -> Mass Story Reactions - (Polls, Polls Sliders, Quiz, Countdowns, Mass Story View, Like Stories), Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment.

Username & Full Name Filter: With this, you can Filter out keywords for username and full names. Put these keywords separated by comma.

Caution: Filteration might slow down the automation and use higher automation resourse from your account. But it is recommended to use filters to avoid bad profies. Language filteration is not recommended. Because as an example, a german user might have a profile with English bio, so if you set the language to German only, you will be missing that profile as a target! But if you focus to have profile for specific languages only, you are good to use this function.

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