7. Places/Location's Post Likers

"Places (Likers)" in Reactions Pro means, target post's likers using your target Location. So it means, if you do Auto Follow automation, the bot will follow the post's likers of the targeted Places feed's post likers.

Info: It is different than "Places", check previous page for that.

In this FAQ, you will know how to set "Places(Likers)" as your target for automation like -> Mass Story Reactions - (Polls, Polls Sliders, Quiz, Countdowns, Mass Story View, Like Stories), Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment.

  1. Go to Reactions Pro and select Targeting.

  2. Select "Places(Likers)"

  3. Search the Place in the search bar as shown in the screenshot above and add that Place to your target list

  4. ** This will allow you to use your target |Places feed's post likers| as your target.

  5. While selected "Places (Likers)", you may not able to add locations in bulk.

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